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I was born & raised in India & am now settled in Canada. I am a wife & a mother of 2 active children. My daughter is in high school & my son is in his third year engineering at the university. Both have very different tastes, interests, and hobbies. Sometimes, life gets pretty hectic raising active teenagers and there’s hardly any time for family bonding. Nevertheless, the kitchen is the heart & soul of our home and many times some of the most wonderful conversations/memories have happened while cooking or at mealtimes. There is a sense of bonding, which happens at such times, & I am sure many of you will be able to identify with this.

My passion has always been writing & cooking and so I thought of putting these two loved aspects together - to start writing my own blog and open a food website & with lots of encouragement & support from all my dear friends & family, this became possible. Ofcourse, there are innumerable food blogs there on the virtual world but nevertheless I think it is a good medium to start assembling my thoughts, crazy ideas, recipes & ofcourse invite my friends & readers to share their own views & some of their time trusted recipes too.

My daughter wrote the small poem that you see in the introduction page when she was in elementary. I have it there just as a reminder to all of you that even if you are not a professional chef, just by having a love of cooking, you can come up with sumptuous, delicious meals to be relished by your loved ones. But remember like someone once said –“The most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking is: love, for those you are cooking for.” If that is there, then nothing else matters!

You can contact me anytime at I will try & respond as soon as I can.

Happy Cooking! Smile